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Tired of tools that don’t do what you need?

We were too. There needed to be a better choice so we made one.


That’s why we created Contraqer—a tool for procurement professionals designed and built by procurement professionals. We felt procurement was opaque enough without the ill-fitting software “tools” that were available to us as small and medium sized businesses. We didn’t have millions of dollars for existing ERP software, let alone the years they take for deployment, configuration, and user adoption.



Buy better with a workflow that’s faster and simpler, with less paperwork and more choice.


See more when all your information is in one place, across your inventory, your organization, and your vendors.


Plan ahead for the things you need – and identify the best value for your business – with an optimized workflow and data-driven insight.



Discover greater opportunities and leverage strength in numbers when you work within buyer communities.


We built Contraqer because we directly experienced years of frustration trying to manage procurement and contracting.

We knew that it shouldn’t have to be as complicated and chaotic as it typically is, and none of the tools we used ever gave us what we needed to do our jobs. So we made Contraqer—a clear and easy path to friction-free procurement for all.

Dwight Gibbs

Dwight Gibbs

Founder and CEO of Contraqer

He has more than two decades of experience developing and implementing custom technology solutions. He has held the position of CIO or CTO in multiple companies including INVISION, Legg Mason Capital Management, TextOre, Inc., and The Motley Fool. In these positions, and as Vice President of Technology at INPUT and the Director of Technology Acceleration at Capital One, Dwight experienced the pain and chaos of procurement firsthand. Tired of spending more time managing procurement than thinking about the bigger picture, Dwight built Contraqer to help procurement professionals do just that. Dwight holds an MBA from Georgetown University; an MS in Management Information Systems from The University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce; and a BS in Commerce from The University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce.

Scott Keough

Cofounder and COO of Contraqer

Previously Scott was a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton where he served a pivotal role in developing cloud computing capabilities, business development, and client service delivery. Scott’s career has touched nearly every aspect of technology procurement: he led IT infrastructure solution teams, provided enterprise software business development support to federal civilian accounts, and has held product management, channel, and marketing roles at GTSI Corp and MicroStrategy. Scott holds an MBA from Georgetown University and Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) and a B.A. in Economics from The University of Michigan.