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We built Contraqer Indirect MRO to make maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) better.

Contraqer features modules like Sourcing, Fulfillment, and Analytics, and connectors to CMM and ERP systems. Subscribe to one, any or all to achieve Closed Loop MRO procurement for your maintenance department.


Negotiate the best cost and terms

Keeping suppliers competitive – even your favorites – by comparing price and terms for every quote is painful and tedious without automation and analytics. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Request pricing from suppliers, then automatically import product and pricing details
  • Compare and negotiate quotes for the best possible pricing and terms
  • Compare prices you received today with past prices for the same or equivalent parts
  • Find negotiating leverage with automated price spread analysis

Negotiate better prices and terms with insight and analysis all in one place, organized automatically.


Process purchases with accuracy and efficiency

Companies struggle to manage purchases without centralized processes and decentralized decision- making. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Quickly create POs
  • Reconcile price, quantity and terms across POs, invoices, and packing lists
  • Achieve transparency and compliance by managing returns and credit memos
  • Automatically track shipments and receive delivery notification.
  • Manage coterminous, non-coterminous, auto-renew and auto-expire maintenance contracts

Organizations enjoy the best of all worlds: efficiencies from standard templates, process and approval workflows, and decisions made by the people closest to the issues.


Keep inventory data fresh and accurate

It’s easy to blow through part reorder points. People get busy, they check inventory levels infrequently, and purchases go unordered. As a result, reorder points are set too high, expensive overnight shipping becomes routine, people keep personal parts stashes, or order twice by mistake. All this drives up parts expense. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Automatically check inventory daily
  • Automatically notify the purchasing team when you need to reorder parts
  • Automatically update the quantity on order and quantity on hand information

Integrate with your CMMS/EAM to realize the benefits of closed-loop MRO procurement. Enjoy fewer parts outages, fewer emergency shipments, lower inventory levels, lower purchase prices, and lots of time saved.


Save time and reduce accounting errors

CFOs want purchase order (PO) and invoice data accuracy. Busy maintenance departments want to buy the parts and supplies they need quickly and easily so they can get back to their real jobs. Without a connection between closed-loop MRO procurement and ERP/accounting systems, un-accounted for POs and invoices tend to pile up. Manual entry errors just make it worse. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Review, approve and record POs directly into your ERP/accounting system
  • Review, approve and push supplier invoices directly into your ERP/accounting system

Integrate with your ERP/accounting system to realize the benefits of closed-loop MRO procurement. Save valuable time by eliminating tedious PO and invoice data entry, or by eliminating scanning and emailing POs and invoices to the accounting department. Save even more time be eliminating error correction and reconciliation meetings.


Use your data to drive your business

Report on essentially any field in Contraqer to better manage your business and your suppliers. Report on metrics like inventory levels, supplier performance, historical price trends, delivery performance.


Contraqer is built for integration with other tools and services through web services. Contraqer Direct features pre-built shopping carts imports from suppliers like: Grainger, Uline, Nelson-Jameson, plus logistics businesses like FedEx and UPS systems to make sourcing and returns as easy as possible.


Increase staffing flexibility, cut expenses and improve efficiencies with Contraqer Managed Buyer Service. Our team of MRO procurement experts use their deep knowledge of both procurement and Contraqer software to seamlessly and affordably extend your internal MRO procurement capability. Use Contraqer Managed Buyer Service to grow capacity as you need it, including part time support, for a fraction of the cost of hiring, managing and paying for a full-time employee.