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We built Contraqer Channel for all types of government contractors, including VARs, integrators, and OEMs.

Contraqer features modules like Award Search, Opportunity Search, Sourcing, Quoting, Fulfillment, Maintenance & Support, and Reporting & Analytics. Government contractors can subscribe to one, all, or any that fit their business.

Opportunity Search

Find and Import Your Opportunities

Prioritizing all active solicitations to find opportunities in your wheelhouse, then importing data into your CRM or quoting systems is tedious and error prone. Even finding a mod can be challenging. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Automatically import all opportunities with their attachments from any source you can access as a prime or sub, including SEWP, GSA, NITAAC, ITES, ADMC, NETCENTS, FirstSource, SPAWAR, FedBid and FedBizOps /
  • Use scoring and keyword search to find what you’re looking for. Shape competitive replacement deals, take maintenance contract renewals from competitors, and propose services add-ons to product buys
  • Assign opportunities you want to quote to sales execs
  • Forward opportunities and attachments to your partners

Inside Sales teams quickly identify more of the opportunities they’re looking for, then save significant time automatically importing information and engaging resources to win the business


Efficiently build a winning team

  • By joining Contraqer’s teaming network, you can identify prime contractors actively seeking partners.
  • Partnership will give your company insight into GWACs and open Task Orders. Approximately $15 to $20 billion is spent annually through GWACs.
  • Select from multi-prime contractors to find the best fit partner.
  • Expand your offerings by partnering with hybrid companies offering services and products.
  • Attend Contraqer in-person networking events.

Profiles & Award Search

Map Accounts and Shape Profitable Business

Identifying existing technology and projects within an agency can be difficult and time consuming. Building an effective vendor / partner strategy and researching past prices can be equally challenging. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Support proposal development with precise insight into past awards by agency and vendor
  • Discover platform and brand preferences in agencies and programs
  • Build a list of support services contracts with award and renewal dates
  • Identify which OEMs and partners sell both through the channel and directly, and at what award price
  • Find a last-minute partner when you shaped the opportunity, then see unanticipated additional requirements in the RFP or RFQ


Negotiate the best cost and terms for your opportunities

Keeping suppliers competitive – even your favorites – by comparing price and terms for every quote is painful and tedious without automation and analytics. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Request pricing from distribution, OEM partners and subs, then automatically import product, labor category and pricing details
  • Compare and negotiate distribution, OEM partner and sub quotes for the best possible pricing and terms
  • Compare prices you received today with past prices for the same or equivalent parts
  • Find negotiating leverage with automated price spread analysis

Negotiate better prices and terms with insight and analysis all in one place, organized automatically.


Manage margins then review and approve formatted quotes

Managing margin and discounts, rebate programs, shipping and taxes, and quote approvals is a challenge. A handful of mismanaged quotes can have a significant negative impact to the bottom line. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Quote both products and services, and manage multiple quote versions
  • Draft, review and submit SEWP and CIO-CS technical refreshes (TRs/TRPs)
  • Adjust margins, markups and discounts in a variety of ways
  • Calculate back-end rebates
  • Calculate and track taxes and shipping costs
  • Automatically get the right internal approvals

Organizations generate transactions faster and achieve higher margins with our comprehensive quote tool.


Fulfill orders with accuracy and efficiency

Companies of all sizes struggle to fulfill orders without centralized processes and decentralized decision- making. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Quickly create POs for delivery orders.
  • Reconcile price, quantity and terms across POs, invoices, and packing lists
  • Achieve transparency and compliance by managing returns and credit memos.
  • Automatically track shipments and receive delivery notification.

Organizations enjoy the best of all worlds: efficiencies from standard templates, process and approval workflows, and decisions made by the people closest to the issues.

Maintenance & Support

Never Miss a Maintenance Renewal Again

Maintenance renewals should be some of the easiest business to capture. But it can be tricky. Forget to set calendar reminders, then years go by and you miss the renewal. Some OEMs force you to manage multiple start and end dates, which is complicated. Lose a maintenance contract and watch your customer relationship begin to erode. With Contraqer, you can:

  • Receive automated updates for renewals
  • Manage coterminous, non-coterminous, auto-renew and auto-expire maintenance contracts and never miss a renewal
  • Find every maintenance contract and the related products you’ve sold quickly and easily in one location

Keep the revenue and margin flowing, strengthen your customer relationships and prevent the competition from sneaking in by always getting your renewals.

Reporting & Analytics

Use your data to drive your business

You can report on essentially any field in Contraqer Channel to better manage your business and your partners. Report on metrics like quote rate, wins and losses, partner performance, margin performance and fulfillment performance.


With your other systems

Contraqer is built for integration with other tools and services, including:

CRM Integrations

  • Salesforce
  • Dynamics
  • HubSpot
  • SugarCRM

ERP Integrations

  • QBO
  • QuickBooks
  • ConnectWise
  • Dynamics SL
  • Dynamics GP
  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics BC
  • NetSuite
  • Jamis

Contraqer Channel features pre-built integrations with IT distributors like Ingram Micro, Tech Data and SYNNEX, plus logistics businesses like FedEx and UPS systems to make sourcing and returns as easy as possible.




Consolidate communication. Standardize and automate every aspect of purchasing. Integrate with other systems.



Make strategic sourcing decisions based on price, terms, and vendor performance.



Reduce opportunities for human error, and track every stage of procurement to prevent fraud.



Demonstrate financial compliance and proof of performance with built-in reporting.