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From Chaos to Order

Contraqer’s CEO and Founder, Dwight Gibbs discusses how Contraqer brings order to the chaos of procurement

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Contraqer Explainer

In this video, Contraqer founder Dwight Gibbs, walks you through Contraqer’s cloud procurement management software application.

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Disappearing Data

Contraqer’s president Scott Keough discusses what happens when business conduct procurement over email and in spreadsheets. Having procurement data sitting in email accounts and on local computers frequently means that it goes under utilized or, in the worst case, missing when employees leave. Contraqer centralizes procurement data and stores ti so that you have access to it wherever and whenever you need it.

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Fraud in Procurement

Contraqer founder, Dwight Gibbs, discusses the kinds of fraud that can run rampant in procurement and the ways that our software provides transparency in procurement that makes fraud more difficult to perpetrate. With recent examples in the Detroit Public Schools and ongoing concerns about the extent of fraud in the public and private sector, combating procurement fraud should be top of mind for financial executives.

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Grassland Case Study

Maintenance, Repair and Operations Organizations (MROs) often fail to source equipment and parts in efficient and effective ways. By bringing the parts and equipment and vendors that sell them together in a single system, Contraqer radically improves procurement decision making by allowing you to evaluate and execute purchases directly in Contraqer. Grassland Dairy Products uses Contraqer to complement their existing CMMS to foster smarter buying and save money.

Product Sheet

Contraqer Direct Overview

Contraqer’s products are designed and built by procurement professionals for procurement professionals to reduce spend and remove friction from procurement. Contraqer provides everything procurement teams need to manage the entire purchasing process – from requests to vendors through invoicing, payments, and receipt. Contraqer offers advanced data visualization to eliminate mistakes before they happen; benchmark pricing internally & externally; and improve clients’ negotiating power. Learn how Contraqer provides flexible integrations to numerous applications, deploys, and enables productivity to teams in a matter of days, and savings of 9% to 25%.

Contraqer Channel Overview

Contraqer Channel delivers efficiency and end-to-end visibility for government contracting vehicles. Purpose-built for government contractors, Contraqer Channel streamlines and automates not only your workflow, but reporting as well, making government contract compliance easier, faster, and more accurate. Manage your customers, contracts, catalogs, quotes and fulfillment all in one interface. Learn how imports and scoring opportunities from government sources like email and contract vehicle websites, better bidding, tracking requirements, deliverables, and compliance reporting can give you a competitive edge to make more margin and win more deals.

Contraqer Data Center Spending Perspective

Data Center spending is significant and growing quickly. IDC reports that data center spending was $37 billion in 2016, this spend is increasing dramatically, and is expected to hit $44.2 billion in 2017. Contraqer’s Data Center solution automates the procurement management process, providing visibility, saving money, and time. Much of this spend is either managed manually in spreadsheets & emails or in large, hard-to-use ERP systems. Both alternatives are expensive and inefficient. Data Center teams need a better way to manage procurement and compete. Top spending is broken down into 4 basic areas and Contraqer clients negotiate better prices with insight, analysis, documents all in one place, and organized automatically. Learn how Contraqer delivers savings of 9% to 25%.

Contraqer Manufacturer Spending Perspective

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) is big. America’s 350,000-plus mining & manufacturing facilities annually spend nearly $200 billion on MRO products and services. MRO spend is generally un-managed. Most organizations don’t actively manage their indirect spend (parts like tools, bearings, motors, etc.) nearly as actively as their direct spend (raw materials like steel, plastic, production chemicals, etc.). According to Spend Matters, only 60% to 70% of spend is under pre-negotiated pricing with the balance being un-negotiated spot spend. MRO spend management is hard. Companies either manage it manually with spreadsheets & emails or with large, hard-to-use ERP systems. Both alternatives are expensive and inefficient. It does not have to be so hard. Within 3 months from implementation, Contraqer can reduce cost by 9% to 25% and timelines by 30%.


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